An Important Qashqai Rug
Number 24872 Size 220 x 150 Origin Fars Province, Southwest Persia
Style All over Herati (Mahi) with rhomboid medallion Materials Wool Age Circa 1880
"Commissioned by Agha-ye Khan Ali Khan, workshop of Hajji Dawoud, presented to Agha Sayyed Ja'far Hakim Bashi, woven by the clan of Ishaqan." This inscription makes the rug remarkable in many ways. It was presented to the Hakim Bashi, the court physician, who seems to have been a sayyed or a descendant of the Prophet. The commissioner is notable for his appellation as Khan Ali Khan, indicating high status in the tribal aristocracy. Finally, this is clearly a workshop piece and this is an important clue for our understanding and appreciation of these mostly uninscribed tribal weavings. The delicate shade of navy blue and indeed all the dye materials, allied to the soft wool and elaborately braided fringes, indicate the skill and craftsmanship of this tribal workshop.
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