An Important Lebanese Gold-Threaded Silk
Number Size 150 X 135 Origin Zouk Mikael, Kesrwan Region, Mount Lebanon
Style Materials Silk & Gold Thread Age Circa 1870
The sleepy village of Zouk Mikael was home to a thriving silk weaving industry in the 19th and early 20th century. Silken cloth was produced to complement furniture mostly and only occasionally to be used as spreads or covers. This rare art work is an example of the latter case and boasts a remarkably fine kilim-like weave, only entirely made of silk with gold sections. Its importance lies in the inscription "Jabal Lubnan" (Mount Lebanon) which is extremely rare and highly unusual. This also posits a production date in the 1860s or 1870s immediately after the foundation of the Mutasarrifiyya political system in 1864, whose heartland was the Kesrwan district. Stylistically, especially because of the vibrant cochineal dye used generously all across (and because of other dated examples we have sampled), this cannot have been produced after 1880
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