At the occasion of the centennial of the family firm, Dr. Hadi Maktabi began work on a dedicated art gallery to showcase the rare carpets and antiquities the family has accumulated over the years and that have come to reflect the backbone of the business—both for the family and globally.  As fashions and trends change, collectors and home owners have come to realise that the value and aesthetic appeal of antique rugs is undiminished and, in fact, quite timeless.

The gallery was purposely designed to have a contemporary feel.  The lava-stone clad walls and wooden finishes complement the beauty of antique carpets and bring out the irrepressible charm of their natural dyes.  The open space with high ceiling enhances the volumetric feel and allows the art works to unfold in a relaxed manner for both themselves and the viewer.

The concept of an art gallery as opposed to a showroom for furnishing objects is taken further by the manner of display.  Our artefacts are showcased as works of art, each with a unique history and individual appeal.  If you are close by, we hope to have the good fortune that you visit us over a warm cup of saffron infused tea and start a new adventure.

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